Kaolin Shadows farm is owned and operated by Wayne and Sarah Shiflet. We love all of our animals and strive to provide the best atmosphere and home for them that we can. We don't eat any of the animals that we know, especially not those from our own farm. 

We are located in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. The name Kaolin Shadows Farm comes from the history surrounding the area in which we live. There's an old, abandoned Kaolin mine close by. On clear days, you can see it from the road on the side of a mountain above our home. We live in the shadow of the mountain. So...hence, Kaolin Shadows.

What is Kaolin you may ask? Kaolin is a type of clay called Kaolinite. The word Kaolin comes from a word meaning high ridge in Chinese. Kaolin can be used for many things including adding weight to paper, in the production of china, and also can be used for medicinal purposes.